Think For Yourself

This blog is intended as a highly subjective critique of books, authors and ideas that I come across. It is based on the premise that true objectivity is neither achievable nor desirable: all the ideas expressed, then, are filtered through my own subjective biases and pre-conceptions. While I don’t attach myself to any particular school of thought, I have been deeply influenced by the French Existentialists, the post-Structuralism of Derrida, and especially Baudrillard’s phenomenology of the sign and his dire analysis of Western society. Finally, in the spirit of Bakhtin’s dialogism, I will do my best to not stifle debate and to acknowledge views and ideas contrary to my own. So don’t hesitate to make your voice heard, but make sure it is YOUR ideas you are advancing, and you’re not just regurgitating what you heard from someone else!


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